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Indoor Soccer Rules

  1. 5 players per team, one of whom must be a goalkeeper.
  2. Each team can have 5 substitutes with unlimited substitution.
  3. The player being replaced must be completely off the court before the replacement enters the court. The Referee need not be informed.
  4. The referee decides which team kicks off.
  5. A goal CAN be scored from the kick off in the Men’s Open fixtures and Ladies’ Open fixtures. In the Mixed competition the ball must be played to a team mate prior to shooting.
  6. When the ball passes over the touchlines the game is restarted by a kick in. The ball must be stationary on the touchline and can be kicked into play in any direction. A goal CANNOT be scored directly from a kick-in. The ball must touch another player for a goal to be awarded.
  7. Goal Clearances – When an attacking player knocks the ball over the goal line, the game is restarted by a goal clearance. The goalkeeper must THROW or ROLL the ball out of the penalty area. A goal, including own goals, CANNOT be scored directly from a throw from a Goal Clearance situation.
  8. If the ball hits the roof, an opposing player takes a kick in from the point below where the ball hit the roof.
  9. The Goalkeeper must release the ball within 5 seconds of gaining control of it.
  10. The Goalkeeper can release the ball to themselves within the 5 seconds allowed. The Goalkeeper may roll the ball one full circumference, to themselves, and play the ball with their feet, they CANNOT drop-kick the ball. Once the Goalkeeper has released the ball they cannot pick it up again until played by another player, however, this excludes back passes. The Goalkeeper is not permitted to catch or pick up a deliberate back pass from a teammate, including kick-ins.
  11. When the Goalkeeper throws the ball, it has to bounce or be touched by another player before the 2/3 line. If the ball travels over the 2/3 line on the full, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing team on the 2/3 line where the ball crossed the line.
  12. Any player, including the Goalkeeper, can restart the game from the sideline or a free kick.
  13. At free kicks, kick-ins and corner kicks, all opponents must be 4 metres from the ball and the ball must be put into play within 5 seconds of taking possession of it.
  14. Fouls and Misconduct: Fouls which result in a direct free kick are the same as outdoor soccer -- with the following additions:
    • A player may not charge an opponent with the shoulder.
    • A player may not slide in to play the ball when an opponent is already playing or attempting to play it. The exception is the Goalkeeper, ONLY IN HIS PENALTY AREA, who may slide in, but must not do it in a careless or reckless way or use excessive force.
    • A player may not play the ball whilst grounded, this is also considered a slide tackle.
    • "Professional" fouls outside the penalty area will result in a 9 metre penalty kick and further punishment  to the offending player, at the referee's discretion.
  15. The first penalty mark is 6 metres, and the second penalty mark is 9 metres. The second penalty mark is used if a team accumulates more than 6 fouls in a half.
  16. Team fouls will be enforced. At half time and at the end of the game the fouls are wiped and will start from zero again.
  17. Accumulated Fouls will result in a direct free kick
    • The first 6 fouls in any half will result in a direct free kick.
    • For the first 6 fouls in any half, a defensive wall may be formed by the opposing team to defend the kick.
    • Beginning with the 7th foul, the players of the opposing team may not form a wall to defend the kick.
    • The kick is taken from the second penalty mark.
    • The player taking the kick must be identified and must kick with the intention of scoring. The ball cannot be passed to another player.
    • The goalkeeper must remain in his penalty area and be 5 metres from the ball.
    • All other players must remain behind an imaginary line level with the ball and parallel with the goal line. They must be 4 metres from the ball and may not obstruct the player taking the kick.
  18. PENALTY KICKS: All penalty kicks are to be taken with a maximum 2-step run-up. A penalty kick may still be taken after either half has ended.
  19. Yellow cards will be issued for persistent fouling, aggressive behaviour or showing disrespect to opponents or the referee.
  20. Red cards will be shown for dangerous play, violent conduct or vilification/discrimination toward players and/or officials.
  21. The referee, at his discretion, may order a player to have a “2 minute rest” on the sideline to calm the player down and to keep control of the game (this is to lessen the likelihood that a player is shown a second yellow card.) A second yellow card to the same player will result in a sending-off.
  22. 2 yellow cards equal a red card. A red card means at least one game off. The referee can suspend the player for additional games, depending on the severity of the offence. A straight red card for violent conduct attracts an automatic 3 week suspension.
  23. If the offence is deemed harmful to the opposition or to the reputation of the centre, the player may be disqualified from several games. This decision will be at the discretion of the management.
  24. Shin pads are recommended for competitor safety.
  25. Matching shirts are required by round 4.
  26. Goalkeeper shirts are to be a different colour
  27. Games will be in 15 minute halves
  28. For the FINALS SERIES, the games will be decided by Golden Goal (3 mins each way), if scores are level at full time. Should scores still remain level after the extra time periods, the game will be decided on a penalty shootout. The result will be determined on a "best-of-4" basis, that is, the team with the highest score after 4 penalties each will be the winner. If scores are still level, the penalty shootout will be decided by "sudden death". During a penalty shootout, all players in the team MUST take a penalty before a player can take a second penalty (if required).
  29. Teams are required to play EVERY game during the competition. Forfeiting teams MUST still pay the MATCH FEE. (They can pay double the following week.)
  30. You must have a MINIMUM of 3 of your team's registered players to START a match or you will forfeit the game. You can still fill out your team with other "ring-ins" and play a game but the game will be considered a "friendly" match and the result will be a 6-0 win to the other team, regardless of the result of the "friendly".
  31. If you have 3 or fewer players able to compete, please, as a courtesy to your opponents, call and inform the centre ASAP. We should be able to assist in getting players who can make up a team. For competition points we will “double up” the following week and you MUST pay for both games.
  32. To play in the semis and the finals, a team must have played at least 8 games and a player must have played 5 games during the season and is a registerred player for that team. All deferred games must have been played and all fees and match payments must be up to date.
  33. No swearing is acceptable on the field and respect must be given to the referee at all times.
  34. Teams entering the competition late will be “AWARDED” average points for the division.
  35. Points Value: Win=3pts Draw= 2pts Loss=1pt.
  36. REFEREES AND UMPIRES: The referees’ and umpires’ decisions will be final and the centre management will not rule on adjudications nor influence any rulings.
  37. MATCH TIMES: The clock timer will start on the scheduled time for each game start
  38. Players are expected to participate in the rules of “fair play”.
  39. At eightfoxavenue Indoor Sports Centre we abide by the principles of “Football Against Racism”.
  40. Full payments are required prior to any game commencing.


We expect you to play fair and be a good sport, so that you, your teammates, your opponents and the spectators can enjoy Indoor Soccer.

All members must agree to the rules by signing:

You acknowledge that you have read & understood the rules governing the team participation in competitions run by eightfoxavenue Indoor Sports Centre, and you agree to abide by these rules.

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